Everglades Birds


The roseate spoonbill has long been considered one of the most beautiful birds in the entire world, largely due to its eccentric coloring. Like flamin...

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Roseate Spoonbill


The osprey goes by many names – fish hawk, sea hawk, fish eagle, and river hawk – but all names seem to call out one particular characteri...

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The budgerigar, most commonly known as a shell parakeet, is a species of parrot that finds itself a pet in many homes across America. This colorful a...

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Pair Of Black Vultures

While the American black vulture is certainly not the most beautiful bird in the Everglades or the one with the best reputation, it might be one of th...

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American Black Vulture


Florida is well known for its burrowing owl population, a population that is most prevalent in Central and Southern Florida. The burrowing owls are c...

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Burrowing Owl


Another type of bird that is extremely common throughout Florida, and especially the Everglades, is the Anhinga. Although its name means “devil ...

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