Everglades National Park


Florida is well known for its burrowing owl population, a population that is most prevalent in Central and Southern Florida. The burrowing owls are c...

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Burrowing Owl


Another type of bird that is extremely common throughout Florida, and especially the Everglades, is the Anhinga. Although its name means “devil ...

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The Purple Gallinule, sometimes nicknamed the Yellow-legged Gallinule among locals, is arguably the most colorful bird found in the Everglades today....

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Purple Gallinule


If you live in Florida, or have ever been fortunate enough to visit this area, chances are you’ve seen a White Ibis. After a steady rise in popu...

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White Ibis


The Great White Heron, or Great Egret, is one of the most majestic of all bird species that can be found in the Florida Everglades today. This beautif...

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Great White Heron