Everglades quarter

The new Everglades quarter celebrates Everglades birds.

The Florida Everglades National Park finished out 2014 strong, after being honored and immortalized on one of five new quarters released this past year that feature national parks and historic sites in the United States. Released on December 4th, 2014, the Everglades quarter has caused coin collectors to rejoice over this beautiful rendition of Everglades National Park.

The new Everglades quarter pays special homage to the park’s unique bird population. On the quarter’s design, an anhinga can be seen drying its wings in the sunshine while a roseate spoonbill can be seen behind it wading through the waters – both common sights throughout the Everglades.

The quarter’s design is truly a celebration of Everglades National Park and the wildlife that can be found there. The quarter is part of the America the Beautiful quarters program, and the park’s inclusion in the series came at the request of the state of Florida, not the U.S. Mint. After winning an official nomination and vote majority, the quarter was released at a special event that took place in Homestead, Florida, last month.

When you’re not admiring Everglades birds on your quarters, see them in person on an Everglades swamp tour. Everglades wildlife is always better viewed in its natural environment, and airboat rides are a great way to observe this natural beauty up close and safely.